Information on Speaking Out

You should be commended and encouraged for considering to speak out and disclosing your important information. Please take the time to read this information which we trust will assist you to continue with your decision to make your disclosure.

It is important for you to note that while making a disclosure on this website you can provide your personal details and if you select the option to remain anonymous, then those details will not be passed to the client organisation to which your disclosure relates.

For this reason, when making a disclosure using this website, we encourage you to provide your personal details, especially your mobile phone number and or e-mail address. This information is used by the website to send you automated e-mails and or text messages relating to the progress of your disclosure. If the organisation needs to ask for additional information you will be notified via e-mail and or text message yet they will still not be aware of your details.

Should you decide not to provide your personal details as part of the process we respect your decision. Please bear in mind that should you choose not to provide any details whatsoever, it can make the subsequent investigation process for an organisation more difficult. Nevertheless, we will always respect your ultimate decision.

If you choose to make your disclosure anonymously, we recommend that the most secure method to maintain confidentiality is via this secure website. At the completion of you lodging your disclosure, you will be provided with a unique disclosure identification number. You can use this number to log back onto the website, receive feedback or ask questions. Importantly, this provides a useful way in which both yourself or the organisation can contact each other if required. This aspect of the website operates in a similar way to a private web forum.

By sending your report via insecure e-mail, even from a nondescript free e-mail address, you risk being identified by an organisation. Each e-mail contains coded information in a hidden header which can assist in disclosing the location and identity of the user. Our website substantially reduces this risk. You can logon and make your report from home or an internet cafe in relative obscurity.