This web site is a secure site with all disclosures or report lodgements being protected by SSL encryption. You may already have familiarity with this method of encryption as it is similar to that used with banks and financial institutions when conducting transactions over the internet. As a result, information that you chose to disclose will not be transacted in an insecure environment.

When you logon you will be asked to complete a number of data fields relating to your disclosure. You will be asked for your name, telephone number and e-mail address among other details of the matter you are seeking to disclose. It is important to note that these fields are not mandatory; however a client may require you to provide either a mobile phone number or an e-mail address before you can lodge your disclosure just to ensure that they can communicate with you if necessary. If you find yourself in this position please be assured that you can still remain anonymous by selecting the anonymous button and these details will only be retained by the system and not passed to the client. Your contact details will only be used to automatically notify you when changes are made to your disclosure record which require either a response from you or to advise of any change in status. This will make the process a little easier for you to manage and keep informed.

Should you choose to remain completely anonymous when lodging your disclosure the manner in which our web site operates is such that it is possible to maintain contact with you whilst still affording you the respect of anonymity. At the conclusion of lodging your disclosure you will be provided a unique Disclosure Identification Number which will be unique to the disclosure you have lodged. We encourage you to log back onto the website at regular intervals to view feedback and most importantly, respond as necessary should further crucial information be required about your disclosure. At all times throughout this process you remain anonymous.

Above all, we ask if you choose to make a disclosure and remain anonymous throughout the process, that you commit to logging back onto the web site and monitor your report. We ask this as, based on our experience, it is often necessary to communicate with the Discloser to ascertain further details necessary for management to pursue the matter.