Welcome to the secure voluntary disclosure web site.

Helping you keep your workplace a safe, fair and honest place to work.

About Disclose

This web site provides employees, contractors and suppliers of our client organisations with the ability to voluntarily disclose information of wrong-doing within an organisation in a secure and confidential manner.

What you can do

To make your disclosure please enter the name of the organisation for which you are submitting the disclosure and complete the online process. Upon completion of the process you will be provided with a unique Disclosure Identification Number (DIN) so that you can log back on and track the progress of your disclosure.

Be notified

If you provide an e-mail address and mobile telephone number during the lodgement process, these accounts will be automatically notified when changes are made to your disclosure record which require either a response from you or to advise of the changed status. Please note that SMS notification is dependent upon an organisation subscribing.

Remain anonymous

Provide your e-mail address and mobile phone number and choose to remain anonymous throughout the process. The system will contact you via e-mail and SMS to keep you updated on progress while keeping your details confidential from the organisation. We will also issue you with a DIN to track your disclosure.